Death By A Thousand Cuts: A Reflection on Self Harm

Are you really hard on yourself when you make a mistake? Are you a perfectionist? My personal story of how damaging this can be.

Birth of Spring

As my birthday comes and goes, so do the seasons. In a moment of rapture while taking in all that nature has to offer, this spring poem came forth like a blade of grass, stretching toward the warm spring sun…

How much of your actions are really you?

You are more NOT you, than you are you. And what if that NOT you portion is doing some of the driving when it comes to your thoughts and actions?

Love is Relentless

Here’s to kissing you forever. Happy anniversary darling. I had no idea who I was when I kissed his tender lips ten years ago. And in my limitation of what I could see of me, I had a limited view of what I could see of him. We were blind, bound by love, and someContinue reading “Love is Relentless”

Future Self Journaling: a 90 day recap on the best tool for self development you’re NOT using.

I have never journaled regularly, at least not in the sense that many people do. When I competed professionally I kept a training journal, and I religiously tracked my sets, reps, intensities, and any important cues that I needed to remember, or that were particularly helpful. But I have never been one to reflect onContinue reading “Future Self Journaling: a 90 day recap on the best tool for self development you’re NOT using.”

Free Diving – Part 2

Oh my…happy birthday to this beauty of a human being. Like seriously… HE. IS. BEAUTIFUL. HE IS BEAUTY FULL. Nevermind the physical, please look deeper. This man here… He is a free diver’s dream… Endless depths of discovery…but can you hold your breath that long? Can you train, can you endure, can you be patientContinue reading “Free Diving – Part 2”