Your decisions matter past Election Day.

Yes, the election matters.And your choice matters.No matter what that choice was. AND No,that will not be enough. I have been watching, waiting, witnessing this year…a lot. I’ve read and heard things, burned images into my mind, that I wish I had never fucking seen, read, or heard. We are all currently witnessing and waitingContinue reading “Your decisions matter past Election Day.”

Future Self Journaling: a 90 day recap on the best tool for self development you’re NOT using.

I have never journaled regularly, at least not in the sense that many people do. When I competed professionally I kept a training journal, and I religiously tracked my sets, reps, intensities, and any important cues that I needed to remember, or that were particularly helpful. But I have never been one to reflect onContinue reading “Future Self Journaling: a 90 day recap on the best tool for self development you’re NOT using.”

Spark Joy

Life is a but a spark. A spark is defined as a small fiery particle thrown off from a fire, alight in ashes, or produced by striking together two hard surfaces such as stone or metal. A tiny fiery particle that under the right circumstances can light an entire forest afire. Creating massive destruction and change.AnContinue reading “Spark Joy”

It is your choice my love…

What do I want to give my energy to? What thoughts, what behaviors, what actions do I want to give my energy to? You know we are more nothing than we are something? We are more energy, then we are matter. We are more something we can’t see, then something we can see. And yetContinue reading “It is your choice my love…”

Slay bitch, slay…

I’m a mess. I make mistakes all the time.I judge myself.I feel guilty.I feel like I’m not enough.I feel undeserving. I’m a fucking mess. And…. I’m also a goddess.I’m also a warrior.I’m also a resilient woman that will show up in the worst of times.I’m the one you can count on to show up on theContinue reading “Slay bitch, slay…”