Welcome to the Tribe!

What Would Cavewoman Do, is an easy to follow philosophy that helps you make sense of your health and well-being in a modern world. 

Our Mission

To create events and provide guidance towards your greatest health and well-being by offering grounded and scientifically backed tools on how to tackle the Four Pillars of What Would Cavewoman Do (WWCD): Movement, Nourishment, Spirituality, and Tribe. These four pillars are the basis for a fulfilled and purposeful life!

Who we help

I help badass humans re-connect and re-member who they are. Learn to reconnect with your intuition, find your inner wise, wild human and unleash them into a modern world.

How do we do it?

What Would Cavewoman Do is a more intuitive way of tackling your health and wellness goals. WWCD takes the convenience of a modern world and allows us to connect back to our native way of being. By using modern day hacks, we can re-connect with a more stress free way of living, and naturally unlock our inner goddess, warrior, and ancestral mother. Are you tired of not living up to your potential? What Would Cavewoman Do?

Who am I?

Hiiiii, I’m Crystal! A movement and exercise specialist, biohacking soul sister and soul seeker, a thinking and feeling wordsmith, a driven athlete and entrepreneur, and your resident Cavewoman/Cavemama. Whew…that was a lot, and it’s all true my friends!

I’m here to help empower other badass humans on their quest to conquer a modern world by asking What Would Cavewoman Do? I want to conquer this world together and truly make it a better place because by healing ourselves, we heal the world.

How Cavewoman came to be: click the link for my story about how fear, my father’s deteriorating health, and my first pregnancy, brought my ancestral mother into the picture. The birth of What Would Cavewoman Do? Why Cavewoman?

And if you want to get an even better feel for who I am, read/watch the poem below!

So, that’s me! Now it’s your turn.

I’d love to hear about you, and even work together!

Let’s GO!