A message to women dealing with Imposter Syndrome – Part 1

You are worthless. You are worth less. You are worth less than a man. Your pussy makes it so. Your voice matters less. Your opinion matters less. You don’t deserve the right to ask for and express your deepest desires and dreams. So keep your mouth shut. Keep your opinions to your self. You areContinue reading “A message to women dealing with Imposter Syndrome – Part 1”

It is your choice my love…

What do I want to give my energy to? What thoughts, what behaviors, what actions do I want to give my energy to? You know we are more nothing than we are something? We are more energy, then we are matter. We are more something we can’t see, then something we can see. And yetContinue reading “It is your choice my love…”

2018 has been real.

I sit in a hotel room in Mississippi and I reflect on just how “real” 2018 has been. We are here to celebrate a 110th birthday. Unreal that some should live so long and my Dad started losing his mind in his early 60s. Life is funny that way. The end of this year didn’tContinue reading “2018 has been real.”

Slay bitch, slay…

I’m a mess. I make mistakes all the time.I judge myself.I feel guilty.I feel like I’m not enough.I feel undeserving. I’m a fucking mess. And…. I’m also a goddess.I’m also a warrior.I’m also a resilient woman that will show up in the worst of times.I’m the one you can count on to show up on theContinue reading “Slay bitch, slay…”

I’ll sleep when I’m dead?

I had a sleep disorder for years….and I had no idea. I would go to bed at night, and just not sleep. Laying, waiting for the sandman to come and visit me.  As a child living in Western Canada, I remember arguing with my mom about it. “I’m not tiiiiirrrred,” I’d say filled with aContinue reading “I’ll sleep when I’m dead?”

The lies we tell ourselves; the truths we adopt.

“It’ll pass,” he says.  But in the moment it doesn’t feel that way. It feels like I’m going to drown.  Like the resistance in me, is going to suffocate me, and I’m going to be stuck in this loop forever.  These words don’t console me, they condemn me… Reinforcing self doubt, anger, fear…    TheContinue reading “The lies we tell ourselves; the truths we adopt.”

Free Diving

We often think of exploring new places.
New cities, new beaches, new countries.
It’s in our nature.
We send ourselves into outer space, just to see what’s out there?
Are we all alone?
The eternal quest to satisfy our curiosity.