Your decisions matter past Election Day.

Yes, the election matters.
And your choice matters.
No matter what that choice was.

that will not be enough.

I have been watching, waiting, witnessing this year…a lot.

I’ve read and heard things, burned images into my mind, that I wish I had never fucking seen, read, or heard.

We are all currently witnessing and waiting with bated breath for the decision of millions of people.

it doesn’t stop there.

When results have been pending, what decision do you make?
Do you decide to rest and wait another four years?

Do you get angry? Do you become happy? What do you choose? And why?

We make decisions every day that lead to the world we live in. We do this in how we engage with what is ours, and what is theirs. What is within us, and what is without us.
We do this when we decide what is theirs, is NOT ours too.
We make decisions every day that create the life and relationships we reside in.

I have news for you, no body is coming to save you. Not Biden, nor Trump. Their platforms and the gamified system that is intent to divide us, certainly WILL NOT save you.

The darkness you see, the darkness of 2020, the darkness of (white) supremacy culture, the darkness that has us enslave, murder, dominate, and exclude our fellow humans, lives within every single one of us.

it lives within the decisions we make day in and day out. We have become so disconnected from ourselves that we cannot even recognize what is true and what is false.

Heal that shit. You owe it to your ancestors, your brothers and sisters, your children. Your community. Your planet. This whole fucking Universe.

Heal the shit that tells you, you don’t matter, and you’re not enough. Connect in with this immaculate instrument (your body) to the actual motherfucking truth. It is in there, buried beneath trauma and conditioning.

Connect back to the truth that you are a Queen, a King, walking this planet to add your special ingredients to the cocktail that lifts this whole fucking Universe higher.

OWN. THAT. Heal anything that tells you otherwise.
Make that decision. Right now. Every time that you hear a voice that says anything DISCOUNTING your absolute miraculous nature of being, remember that voice is bred of a system that WINS when you believe it.

Then, go find the others in your community and keep making those same decisions every fucking day until you die. Together. For each other. For your self.

When we start doing that, we change our lives, we change our communities, and we change the world.

We change the game from winning and losing, to growing and loving. And I don’t care how cheesy it sounds, Love conquers all.

I dare you to love your self so fiercely that you show up as your biggest, baddest, fiercest, most passionate, version of you. And then I dare you to transform the world.

That is the world I dare to create for my children. Do you dare?

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