What and who is the Conscious Queen?

Welcome to my first blog as the Conscious Queen! In the midst of re-branding and sorting out the minutiae of what I want to offer, I wanted to provide you with this short and sweet blog to help you understand the up-level and upgrade that’s happening in the realm of Cavewoman, and how a tiara has been added to her beautiful spirit. Enjoy!

What and who is the Conscious Queen to me? 

I’ve spoke and wrote about “Queening” for quite awhile now in social media. 

When I was younger I had a bit of a flare. I remember my parent’s calling me an exhibitionist.

As I’ve gained awareness, I see why. I see the inner child that just wanted to be seen. The one that wanted to make everyone laugh and have everyone feel accepted and loved, because all I wanted was to be accepted and loved.

And as I grow deeper into expressing my self, this is what I feel is true:

Queening isn’t about showing off, it’s not even about being seen. It’s not about being an exhibitionist (although I do enjoy that *wink*).

Queening is about looking deep within and owning who you are.

Queening is about saying, this is me, and being completely unapologetic about it.

Queening is about standing up for what is right, serving, helping those who can’t help themselves, and not taking shit from anybody.

Queening is about opening your self to be the biggest, baddest, most kickass version of who you could possibly be in this world.

It’s not a character trait. Those are conditions. Queening is a motherfucking choice. It’s about standing up, and delivering the gifts you have no matter what someone else thinks.

There’s no ego. It’s not about who you think you are. It’s not about what everyone else told you to be. It’s about opening your self to the possibility that you could be anything. Even a motherfucking Queen.

So let’s look at my definition: 

“Queening” verb meaning to queen, to exhibit and inhabit the qualities of a queen, to be the female who rules her own independence, to be regarded as excellent or outstanding by self, to be a woman who has been chosen by her self to rule and govern her self as her highest self, a woman who chooses her self as the most important person in her realm.•

Queening is the active choice you make to embody and hold your self with the highest regard. Don’t confuse this with arrogance. Be a humble queen, a humane queen, a compassionate queen – but be certain of this: queening is about knowing your value, walking in that value, and sitting in the resolve of that always in all ways.•

You are a queen. Walk in that. The world needs more queening. The world needs the highest version of your self. Your kind ruler and your fiercely compassionate soul. How do you queen in your day to day life?

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