Does Evil Exist?

Evil is a myth.
Evil is a myth…without fear.
There is no good and bad. 
Only the lens that we see all things through. 
And fear is the lens that breeds the apparition of evil.

They say the shadow aspect is the thing you are afraid is true about you.

For me, that would be that I’m a failure, a disappointment, a burden, and worthless….
And it makes me feel somewhat shameful to even admit that, but it is simply my truth as I see it.
I am fearful of being those things.

Imagine if you have a much darker fear. 
What is the darkest fear you could imagine? 
Maybe you fear that you are indeed evil incarnate?
Which, if I’m going to be honest, the worst thing religion ever did was create a fear that we were somehow undeserving, unpure, and evil beings that deserved the wrath of “GOD!”

As if God is something that remains outside of us, 
A thing that we need to please and behave for in order to garner acceptance and ascension into the heavens above.

So, if you are raised in a home where your choices, and your natural state of being, is constantly condemned by the belief system your parent’s subscribe to, what kind of shadow do you think you would develop?
If you love sex, and premarital sex is condemned by your religion, every time you engage in that act, your shadow is empowered.
The fear that maybe you are evil, that you are undeserving of love, is fueled.
Even though, the thing you are doing, isn’t bad, or wrong, or disgusting, it’s actually quite the opposite: beautiful, divine, love. 
And yet the belief system creates this disconnect. 

If you are afraid that you are evil, imagine how that can manifest, and be fueled by even the most beautiful experiences?
This is partly why I’m not so sure evil really exists.
The only thing that exists is our fear.
And I could make an argument that that doesn’t exist either.
Merely False Evidence Appearing Real…
And our fear is what empowers or disempowers everything.
If we are afraid we may be something, and that goes unchecked by the conscious mind, we very well may become what we fear.
Where thoughts go, energy flows.

BUT, if we can be conscious and see that fear lurking in the shadows, we have an opportunity.
First we have the opportunity to call it out and disempower it,
Then we have the opportunity to cultivate courage in the face of a shadow that we can’t quite see, that is embodied WITH our fear and nothing else.
And then we have the opportunity to shine a light into the shadows. 
The more we cast light onto our fears of what we “MIGHT” be, the more we realize that the fear is simply bred from a misunderstanding.

The evil we think exists, is simply our misunderstanding of something that we fuel with our own fear.

And many misunderstandings are cultivated by many different things – whether society, culture, religion, lack of education, but ultimately lack of awareness and consciousness brought on by all of those things. 

I would venture to guess that almost all misunderstandings, fear, and conjured up evil is present because we have simply been disconnected from one universal truth. 
You are the divine.
Which means you can only be the thing you fear, based on your beliefs and choices. 
It comes down to choice.

Do you choose to believe you are that shadow? 
Do you choose to believe that fear that is hiding in the depths of the darkness?

Or do you realize that the shadow doesn’t even exist without your being and the light that shines to illuminate you into vision? 

Do you realize the shadow is powerless without you? 
Which means it feeds off of you.
It cannot survive without you.

So, do you choose to feed it with your fears, and let it grow into the beast that will rule you?  
Or do you choose to shine light toward it, and invite that shadow to follow your lead? 

The shadow is not meant to be heavy. 
It is not meant to be dense and weigh you down. 
But when we feed it with fear it becomes more and more dense, and we move through the world slower, with less lightness and joy.
We are completing everything while dragging an immense weight behind us. 

The shadow is not meant to hold us back. 
If anything, the shadow is able to show us which direction the light is. 
It does this by following us.

If we are walking towards the light, our shadow is behind us.
If we are walking towards the shadow, we are walking away from the light.
The same goes for your internal shadow,
Walk towards the light and let it help guide you there.

It can be your north star. 
It is not meant to hold you back, 
It’s meant to guide.
Walk toward the light my friend.

What shadows are you facing or being guided by? Let me know in the comments.

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