Spark Joy

Life is a but a spark.

A spark is defined as a small fiery particle thrown off from a fire, alight in ashes, or produced by striking together two hard surfaces such as stone or metal.

A tiny fiery particle that under the right circumstances can light an entire forest afire. 
Creating massive destruction and change.
An opportunity for grandiose rebirth.
Or, a tiny fiery particle that could go unnoticed and extinguish before catching anything alight…

When have sparks occurred in your life?
Often it is the “hard” moments in life that create the spark.
We smash into resistance emotionally, mentally, physically, and the force of the smash creates a spark and a subsequent opportunity for change.
And it is our awareness and attitudes that really influence whether that change ever happens.

A small fiery particle thrown off from the fire.
The fire that is you. Do you fan the spark into magic and opportunity?
Or do you let it fizzle and die?
You’re the fire.
You are a ball of energy that happens to also have some matter.
And IF we’re paying attention we CAN see the sparks that are happening all of the time.

A spark is SMALL.
So if the spark happens and we miss it, it can’t become a wildfire.
If our awareness isn’t tuned in, we miss the opportunity to take advantage and fan the flames of rebirth.

Maybe we’re not looking, maybe we’re asleep at the wheel, maybe we are blinded by fear, maybe we don’t want to believe, or maybe we are too preoccupied with our “curses” and victimhood, that instead of recognizing the resistance that we smashed into as a blessing, that hasn’t fully manifested yet, we forsake it.

It’s hindsight that has really shown me where sparks have occurred in my life that sent me on paths of choice, change, and self discovery.

Right now, I can look back and I can see sparks all along the way, like bread crumbs leading back to my old self, a past life…
I have no intention on following them back, but maybe someone else will find the crumbs and it will help them find their way.

When the spark happens it is sometimes too small to even see.
You can’t really appreciate the significance of the spark, until you look back.
At the time, it was insignificant, something small maybe.
Maybe it’s something cataclysmic, and that cataclysmic thing sparked an offshoot to your life that couldn’t be fully understood at the time.
It’s often something that’s maybe interestingly timed, or super random in a beautiful kind of way.
Or it comes from the right messenger, who has maybe delivered other messages over the years that have sparked good things in your life.

And honestly, if we want to get more granular, that is how the Universe works.
In mysterious and clever ways.
In unexpected ways it will deliver your desires and manifestations, it is our disconnected selves that get tied to how we think it should be delivered.
But if we let all that go, and are open to receiving all the gifts, express gratitude, amazingly interesting sparks occur that can set beautiful wheels into motion.
Can you be aware enough to fan the flames of that spark?

I look back and I see so many sparks.
Or maybe it was just one spark that caught one blade of grass, and then hopped to the next, and the next, until it reached a tree, and the tree went up in flames, and caught the next tree.
All events relating to the last. 

Maybe the spark heads off into a new direction on one side, and presses forward in another. 

It’s really our choice to fan the flames of whatever it is that comes our way,
And we can only do that with gratitude and surrender in our hearts. 
The fire is happening whether or not you want it to.
You can spend your time trying to put it out, or you can steer it mindfully to your advantage.

What is a spark in your life that you didn’t realize was a blessing? 

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