A message to women dealing with Imposter Syndrome – Part 1

You are worthless.
You are worth less.
You are worth less than a man.
Your pussy makes it so.

Your voice matters less.
Your opinion matters less.
You don’t deserve the right to ask for and express your deepest desires and dreams.
So keep your mouth shut.
Keep your opinions to your self.

You are meant to do one thing.
You are meant to have kids and take care of your man.

What you want isn’t important.

You are not equal.
You are not as smart.
You are gullible and stupid and naive.
You believe whatever people tell you. 

Your body determines your worthiness.
Your body and your actions determine your worthiness of love.
You need to act a certain way to be loved.
You are replaceable if you act out of line.

You are less important than your male counterparts.
You are automatically worth less and are less important because of your sex.

Your tits are too small.
Your ass is too big.
Your belly isn’t flat enough.
Your legs are too big.
Your personality is too much.

You are a woman.
You can’t be taken seriously.
You are less and you are subservient. 

You are replaceable.
There are other women out there and you’re not special.
You should act a certain way, so you’re not replaced.
You should act how a woman is supposed to act.

You don’t deserve unconditional love.
You are a woman.
You don’t have the same value as a man.
You are not important. 

Are you these things? Or did society convince you of that?
Do you believe these things? Or did “culture” assure you of that?

It’s easy to tout female power, empowerment, femininity, feminism, self love….
It’s easy to prance around and say, “I love me.”
It’s easy to say “I am woman hear me roar!”
It’s easy to say you believe that you are deserving, and equal, and important, and special.
It’s easy to say you are whole, well, and complete, just as you are….

But what if your sex automatically disqualifies you based on your core beliefs?
What if your sexual orientation disqualifies you based on your core beliefs?
What if your lack of conformity with societal and cultural norms that you choose consciously, is actually undermined by your subconscious programming? 

It’s easy to throw up a post and say women are important and powerful and should be empowered and inspired in whatever they choose…
And they should…

But what about the other shit?
What about the stuff that isn’t easy?
What about the deep seated beliefs that we are WHAT we are AFRAID we might be…

What happens when someone acts in a way that confirms to you that you are the things you are afraid of?
What happens when someone says something that affirms your worst fears about who you do NOT want to be?
What if someone straight up treats you like the things you are afraid of secretly being….worthless, unimportant, unlovable, not enough.
These things that your upbringing, your culture, your society, your religion, would like you to believe…

And what if you ARE all those things?
DESPITE how many posts you make about how beautiful and strong and empowered you are?
What if you are actually all of those things? 

Maybe you are,
AND here’s why I think you’re NOT.
Because what makes you up, also makes up the sun and stars.
What created mother Theresa, Gandhi, Buddha, also creates you.
Your gender, your sexuality, your skin color is merely a physical expression.
Who you really are is held in the nothingness and space between each and every particle in your being. 

Not in your gender.
Not in your weight.
Not in your breasts.
Not in your legs.
Not in your pussy. 

If we are all connected to source,
If we are all part of a greater being,
A collective consciousness….
What makes you less? 

Your fucking beliefs is the answer.
The ways you let others confirm or deny those beliefs.
Your choices.
So, who do you choose to be?
Worthless? Unimportant?
All powerful? Pure love?

Who do you let define that?
A society and culture that was chosen for you, and a body and genetic code that is merely an expression of an underlying mathematics outcome?
Or the omnipotent within you that truly knows who you are? 

All of those things are within me.
They rear their ugly head now and again…
And guess what? That’s okay.
Because the more I see it, witness it, observe it, the more I can be aware of it, track it, hunt it down, and slit its fucking throat. 

Because I am worth MORE, not LESS, than I can possibly ever know.
So I will be the huntress.
I will hide and find comfort in the shadows and draw back my arrow when I see my cunning prey.
I will aim with calculated precision and I will release, into the darkness, with my arrow of light.
And as my arrow pierces the shadow, and my prey falls, and blood gushes from the wound, I will bathe in the sweet fluids, drink it down, and integrate it back into the beauty that is me.

Because I am made up of it all. 

I am both dark and light, I am whole and completed by both.
And I am LOVED in both.
And I am DESERVING in both.
And I am WORTH MORE, not LESS, in both.

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