Quit eating like an asshole.

Did you know that every cell in your body needs nutrients to regenerate and rebuild? That’s really why we’re supposed to eat. Contrary to popular belief, eating is not to satisfy appetite. Hunger (versus appetite) is to alert you that you need fuel, and refueling is needed to help grow and maintain this beautiful piece of machinery you have been birthed into.

I’m sure you know this, but entirely too many of us are in the habit of eating to eat.

I often marvel at the beauty of this machine. If you need further evidence, go watch a Cirque show, the Olympics, or a ballet. (Check out a beautiful mover and dear friend that regularly inspires me with how amazing this machine can be.)

If you want to know even more about how magnificent this machine can be, get pregnant, or watch a loved one throughout pregnancy. Marvel at how much this body can accommodate and endure to bring forth life.

Did you know the bones of a baby’s skull don’t fully fuse until around 2 years of age? This gives their skull the ability to compress as it moves through the mom’s pelvis. And in perfect unison, mom’s ligaments become looser and the bones of the pelvis expand during pregnancy to allow the baby to pass through.

Doesn’t that symmetry blow your mind? It blows my fucking mind!! It’s incredibly amazing, glorious, and I would venture to say divine. That our bodies are made with such beauty and symmetry is astounding to me.

And what do the majority of people do to give thanks for that beauty?

Doughnuts, soda, potato chips, and trans fats in any way they can get ‘em…..  A huge proportion of the population take this amazing body and treat it like a dumpster. They completely dishonor the beautiful, perfect, amazing vessel that they have been given….

Sometimes this is done out of ignorance, sometimes I think it’s a form of self harm, sometimes people are just plain assholes. The information is out there. We know that these products are dangerous and detrimental to our health. I don’t think anyone drinks pop and thinks it’s good for them. Do they?

People take comfort in the idea that modern medicine will come to the rescue. And yes, sometimes that’s the case. But most often people are willing to take a pill that may cause rectal leakage, random boners, and suicidal thoughts, rather than just eat like a goddam adult.

Hippocrates said “let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” And that was in like 460 BC. It’s fucking 2018 people! Did you know this generation of children are the first in a long time that are predicted to have a lower life expectancy than their parents? Does that not alarm and bother you?

So, here’s my plea to those of you pounding big gulps and McDonald’s…YOU ARE FUCKING BETTER THAN THAT!

What would cavewoman do? Well, most of the shit that people consume nowadays is completely made up. It’s an invention from a sick and greedy mind. It’s “food like,” not actual food. Cavewoman would have eaten actual food. Real food. Whole foods. Not food that someone invented to make you sick, tired, addicted, and ultimately make someone else rich.

Your body is miraculous, quit treating it like a piece of shit, and quit eating like an asshole.

Our bodies consists of 37.2 trillion(ish) cells. Yes, 37.2 trillion(ish). Let that shit sink in! Those 37.2 trillion cells typically coordinate all the body processes without much problem on a regular basis. All those cells need nourishment in the form of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to regenerate and continue on making you your badass self.

So, how good do you think those cells are going to be if they are using the nutrients from ding dongs and sodas?

Imagine if you were an architect and you created the most beautiful building the human species would ever see. It would be magnificent in it’s grandeur. It would be visually appealing, functional, state of the art, and able to withstand incredible stressors such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes. It would be virtually indestructible.

Except one thing.

The contractor used the wrong building materials. Instead of using the highest quality materials, he skimped on the whole thing, attempting to increase his bottom line. The building went from being a modern marvel, that was virtually indestructible, to becoming a shell of what it could have been. It’s longevity is now compromised, it’s ability to withstand the weather is reduced, and it’s overall lustre will never be as good as it could have been.

Now, I’m guessing you are following the metaphor. Unless you just drank a liter of cola, then you probably aren’t. But I’m also guessing that if you just drank a liter of cola, that you’re likely watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and not reading an insightful AND delightful blog (#nojudgement #HumbleAF).

So, what’s the answer? If you’re one of these assholes that can’t help yourself, is it too late for you?

Well, think about this, the cells in your gut regenerate every 2-4 days. So, you could potentially kick the orange mocha frappucino habit TODAY, and regenerate your gut in the next 2-4 days with healthy whole foods!!! Did I just blow your mind again?

Isn’t that fucking amaze balls!?!?

Your gut is the gateway to your body, it may take longer to repair all parts of it, but you can significantly change your gut health in 2-4 days. SIGNIFICANTLY! AND because your gut is the gateway to the rest of your body, think about why that matters. The healthier your gut lining is, the more optimal your gut will be at keeping out the bad stuff that harms your body, and bringing in the good stuff your body needs to heal, repair, and build!

So, what I’m saying is, there’s hope!

Your body is marvelous. It truly is. Becoming pregnant and realizing everything I put in my face, was now creating a whole new set of hands, feet, legs, heart, brain, lungs, ears, etc. It really made me think. I wish I had thought that way before pregnancy, but I didn’t. I’m better now, and you can be too.

As soon as we are born we are dying. I think about that, and the cruel irony of it. But the other truth is, we are programmed to live. We might be dying, but our software is programmed to survive. If you start consuming the nourishment your body needs, it will respond! It just will! Those trillions of cells – they want the good stuff. They want to survive longer and better than just mediocre.

And don’t you?

Do you want to just get by? Do you want to keep making a body that is built out of the poorest quality materials, or do you want to make a body out of the absolutely best materials possible?

Those shit materials, make a shit body. And one day, the same processes that used to go off without a hitch, start malfunctioning. All of a sudden your cells can’t take in glucose, or mutated cells start multiplying. These things are completely and totally related to the materials you are building with.

So, I ask you this:

Do you want an extraordinary life? Do you want an extraordinary machine to get you through this life? Do you want a sharp brain? Do you want clear skin and eyes? Do you want less sickness and less disease?

Then let food be thy medicine.