I say these words for myself.

As a reminder.

I may not be as strong,

as I once was.

My skin isn’t as tight.

My forehead wears more wrinkles.

I’ve lost myself in motherhood more than once…

Losing myself,

who I am.

Identified as an athlete for years,

finding myself with no sport.

Only to persist.


hard work,



A belief that I am more than one thing. 


I am a mom,

I am a woman.

I am a wife and an athlete.

I am you.

I am me.

I am the children I grew within me and brought into this world.

I am more than my body and my words.

I am love.

I am desire.

I am passion.

I am hope.

I am more than you and I can ever know.


I am Cavewoman,

and my species has persisted for millenia.

Be savage,

and persist as she has before you.