I am cavewoman, hear me roar!

Lions do not care about the opinions of sheep.

We’ve all heard this saying. As well as this saying WOULD serve us, we often DON’T abide by it. As much as these words apply in a human context, it remains true that we evolved over hundreds of thousands of years where being part of a community mattered for our survival.

Cavewoman needed people around her to ensure that her young thrived, and her lineage carried on. It was a necessity. We relied on one another for everything: food, shelter, warmth, knowledge. So, it’s ingrained in us to kind of care about fitting into a community.

The crux of the problem now, is that not all people are part of your tribe or community. Simply being human does not qualify you to be part of anyone’s tribe anymore, other than maybe your family, and even that doesn’t always seem true.

Now, there’s an abundance of people and a scarcity of tribe. So choose wisely who you surround yourself with, choose wisely who you adopt and welcome as members of your “tribe.” Choose people that elevate the group, add value, have special skills, and are working towards the betterment and survival of your tribe.

Choose people that will help EVERYONE survive and thrive – independent of what they look like and who they love.

Should you care about the people’s opinion of you in that tribe? I don’t know if it matters. If you’re all working together, that shouldn’t be an issue. If you all bring value, then you’re valued, and that’s what really matters.

At the end of the day, the value you bring to your tribe is what makes it a life worth living, and conversely, a death worth dying.

BUT for fuck’s sake, DO NOT care about the dickhead’s opinion that isn’t in your tribe and brings no value to you or anyone you care about. That dickhead, is the lamb, and they’ll likely end up someone’s dinner. Mmmmmm lamb!

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