Who is Cavewoman?


I strive to be like cavewoman. And let’s be clear, I am by no means a palaeontologist, so let’s not get overly technical on the term. What I mean, is that I think about how cavewoman might have lived, and I use that to help guide some of my choices about topics that have become overcomplicated as we humans have evolved. So, where some may ask “what would Jesus do,” I find myself asking “what would cavewoman do?” I apply it to almost everything — nutrition, exercise, sex, parenting…what would cavewoman do? This simple question has helped me create some simplicity and common sense in a world that is often complex and nonsensical.

All of this begs the question, who is cavewoman to me? To me she is wild, fierce, and decisive. She gives zero fucks about physical appearance and more about physical function. She is strong and durable, so she can achieve and survive in her environment. She is guided by instincts and intuition that she has honed in order to survive and thrive. She is part of a tribe. She cares for the people within the tribe including her mate and her children — and everyone works together to ensure survival and the greater good. She eats for nourishment. Exercise isn’t a thing, it’s just life. She listens, connects, and is guided by Mother Nature: she respects it and cares for it, as it cares for her. She is connected with animals as they are her protectors and companions, but also her nourishment — both instances deserving of love and respect. She’s fucking awesome, and her savagery is how we as humans have managed to survive for millennia.

Those are my aspirations. Those activities listed above are the moments in life when I feel the most fulfilled. How ‘bout you?

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